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Chronic pain affects one-fifth of the general population and is the leading cause of disability worldwide 


80% of patients don’t receive evidence-based care.

Clinical evidence demonstrates that guided exercise therapy and lifestyle changes are often more effective than surgery.

2/3 of surgeries are 

Clinical studies show that a majority of back and joint surgeries are avoidable with consistent exercise therapy and lifestyle changes. 

Opioids are not effective for chronic pain.

Opioids are not a long-term solution for chronic pain. And, yet, they remain over-prescribed for many patients.


So what can improve chronic pain?
Our program delivers the best-practice care. 

Our pain management program incorporates best practice, evidenced-based approaches to help people live well with pain and long term health conditions.


Rethinking: Pathways through Pain

Amelio Health is a program integrating a set of pathways developing the capabilities of case managers to signpost claimants at risk of developing chronic pain to appropriate pain management programs and meeting the professional development needs of rehabilitation provider from a range of healthcare professions to better support the delivery of the pain management.


Pain Triage

The pain triage assessment uses validated and effective screens tools, the contents and design of the pain management program incorporates best practice, evidenced- based approaches to help people live well with pain and long term health conditions; the professional development program is crafted using best practice in e-learning and adult pedagogy to facilitate changing practice.


Claimants Pain Program

Immediate access to the program for claimants - offering evidence-based approaches to the management of pain and facilitating claimants to live well with chronic pain and return to work and life. Amelio Health re-frames the situation on functional ability rather than biomedical deficit models by incorporating goal settings and outcome measures.; monitoring compliance with sound quantitative and qualitative approaches.


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