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Amelio Health combines evidence based behavioural medicine interventions informed by positive psychology with best practice approaches in education and training to empower people to develop healthful and life affirming habits. We offer a range of face to face workshops, and consultancy services, to help people and organisations meet their goals.


Mindfulness for Resilience 

Mindfulness and other meditation techniques can be mastered by regular people to improve their lives and help them achieve their goals.  That’s why leading companies have embraced mindfulness training or mindfulness meditation to increase employee well-being and performance, Apple, Google, Nike, Procter & Gamble, HBO, McKinsey & Co, Deutsche Bank and Yahoo! to name just a few offer mindfulness programmes.  Happier more productive employees help drive performance.

This workshop is suitable for people new to mindfulness practice or experienced meditators.  It is practical and experiential, but we frame our approach with relevant theoretical understanding to support delegates to adopt and maintain healthful habits.  The main covered are techniques:

  • Body scanning

  • Awareness of breathing meditation 

  • Compassion based guided imagery meditation

  • Self-enquiry meditation

Resilience is the ability to cope with life’s challenges and unexpected changes.  It’s not always possible to prevent stressful or adverse situations, but we can strengthen our capacity to deal with challenges.  Even after misfortune, resilient people are able to change course and move toward achieving their goals

But resilience is neither a magical ability or an inherent quality that some people are fortunate to be born with; it takes real mental work to overcome the challenges life throws at us.  There's growing evidence that the elements of resilience can be cultivated.


Mindfulness is much talked about and the term has various meanings.  It is used to describe a form of meditation that developed in the Buddhsit tradition but it is also a natural state of human consciousness.  Contemporary mindfulness meditation practices are secular applications of this ancient approach. Mindfulness is an inner resource that we can cultivate. With increased awareness, concentration and positivity we can then better deal with challenges, set and achieve our goals.  

There is an impressive and growing body of research evidence that supports the use of mindfulness based approaches in a wide range of applications; such as:

  • Building resilience - preventing burnout and reducing work related stress

  • Embodiment - being present in the moment and aware - enhancing physical or sporting performance

  • Improving memory and concentration to enhance study skills and academic performance

  • Building empathy and improving the quality of our relationships

  • Living well with persistent pain and long term health conditions

  • Managing anxiety and depression

Objectives Mindfulness for Resilience Workshop:

  • Learn practical mindfulness techniques to strengthen your resilience ‘muscles’

  • Introduction to the neuroscience & evolutionary psychology of mindfulness & compassion

  • Understand the mental habits that build resilience

  • Construct a plan to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your life to increase your resilience

Mindfulness for Resilience 

Day Workshop: August 25th 10:00 - 4:00.

Venue: The Awareness Institute, St Leonards, Sydney.

Trainer: Dr Stiofán Mac Suibhne

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Incoming training


Living well with Persistent Pain

Practice day and update workshop for people from our online 8 week living well with persistent pain programme.

Practice day and update workshop for people from our online 8 week living well with persistent pain programme.

Trainers: Ms Kathy Hubble & Dr Stiofán Mac Suibhne

This is an opportunity for graduates from our Pain Management programme to deepen their practice of mindfulness and get support with pacing, pogressive goal attainment and medication reduction strategies. The workshop is designed to support people committed to using behavioural medicine interventions to live well with persistent pain. The day facilitates peer supported learning - allowing delegates to share experiences and learn from each other’s journeys through pain.

Pain Management for Professionals

Professional Development for people working with Clients with Chronic Pain & Long term Conditions.

Professional Development for people working with Clients with Chronic Pain & Long term Conditions.

Trainers: Ms Kathy Hubble & Dr Stiofán Mac Suibhne

The workshop is aimed at case managers, rehab providers or clinicians working in insurance companies, rehabilitation providers or clinical services. We developed this programme in recognition that it is a challenge for busy professionals to keep up to date on developments in a broad range of fields that might be relevant to working with diverse client groups.  We have curated material on neuroscience, pain management, behavioural medicine and positive psychology relevant to people working with clients with long term conditions and persistent pain. This is combined with approaches to self care for professionals to help prevent burnout through incorporating mindfulness based practices to support resilience.

Urban Retreat


Trainers: Ms Kathy Hubble & Dr Stiofán Mac Suibhne

Practice day and refresher course for delegates who have previously attended an Amelio Mindfulness or Pain Management programme. This provides an opportunity for delegates to revisit the basic mindfulness and compassion practices and deepen their practice through using breathwork and guided imagery techniques, combined with the goal setting approaches used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - a mindfulness based programme - this allows us to gain greater clarity on our goals and insights into barriers that prevent us achieving our goals.

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